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Benefits in Chiropractic Care

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Statistics show that people often go to Chiropractors to receive treatment for back pain, neck pain, headaches, car accidents, repetitive motion injuries or strains, and sports injuries. However, there are many benefits to Chiropractic care that you may not even be aware of. Treatments provided by Chiropractors include spinal manipulation (Chiropractic adjustment), massage, diet and nutritional counseling, and weight loss help. Did you know that your Chiropractor could be your primary healthcare provider?

Many people don’t really know the benefits in visiting their Chiropractor periodically and for that reason, we wanted to share one of Dr. Monsalve’s loyal patient’s experience with you.

Here is a brief interview with one of our loyal patients and registered dietitian, Joy Koger:

Q. As a registered dietitian, how do you feel Chiropractic care can help your clients?

A. I want my clients to achieve total health, not just make improvements to their diet. Chiropractic can improve health in so many ways, and it focuses on wellness rather than illness. It is the perfect complement to the services I provide.

Q. For many, Chiropractic care is solely for back pains and aches. What has been your experience with treatments and care?

A. I have received Chiropractic treatment for a variety of health concerns including: migraines, numbness, back pain, and pre-natal care.

Q. On a personal level how has Chiropractic care helped you and your family? Does the rest of your family visit Dr. Monsalve?

A. It is absolutely a family affair! I was adjusted during both pregnancies and once my daughter was born she too was adjusted by Dr. Monsalve when she was only weeks old! My husband and son get adjusted as well.

Q. How often do you visit your Chiropractor, Dr. Monsalve?

A. Depending on the situation I go anywhere from once a week to once a month.

Q. What benefits or improvements have you seen from receiving Chiropractic care?

A. I can't say enough about the benefits of being adjusted during pregnancy! It helped me immensely. Unrelated to pregnancy, my numbness has completely resolved and my back pain is only occasional these days.

To experience the benefits for yourself and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Monsalve at Monsalve Integrative Chiropractic, contact us at 305-209-4731.

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