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Causes and Effects of Postural Changes

This weeks blog is about a common complaint or observation known as Poor Posture. It sounds pretty self explanatory and pretty much is. We live in the information age, every bit of information we would like to obtain is at our fingertips. The internet has dramatically changed the way we seek information. I think back on the days when I was learning to research and remember having to learn the dewey decimal system and look in the giant card catalog to find the book I needed. Nowadays, it's as simple as doing a Google search. It truly is incredible how far our society has come. However, these advances haven’t come without consequence.

Think for just a minute about the amount of time that we spend hunched over on a computer or smartphone looking up people on Facebook or reading the latest news or gossip. It isn't hard to realize that we are sustaining an abnormal posture for long periods of time. Our heads are being supported way out in front of our shoulders and our upper backs will begin to hunch and our shoulders will roll forward in order to put us in a more comfortable postion to support our arms and shoulders as we type on the keyboard or thumb around with a smart phone. These postural changes are unfortunately progressive, which means they will continue getting worse unless corrected.

One of the main things we look at at Monsalve Integrative Chiropractic is the current state of your cervical curve. Using X-rays, we can look at and measure the current angle of this structure and decide what treatment model is best to get it back to normal.

Why is it important? Your spinal cord travels down the back of your vertebral column in the spinal canal. It takes the shape of the curve because its tethered to the spinal canal. When we lose our cervical curve and adopt a straight neck or “military neck” we stretch the cord and make it thinner (just like a rubber band does when it's stretched). No big deal right? Wrong. When the cord is stretched and made thin, all the signals and energy that is sent down your spine to every cell, tissue and organ in your body are now forced to make it through a cramped and jammed up cord that should other wise be thick and relaxed through your spinal canal. This can have an endless list of reprucussions in your body.

The good news is that it is very correctable with a simple plan of spinal adjustments and corrective care right here at our office. So if you want to get your posture looked at and analyzed, please make an appointment to come and see us.

Yours in health,

Dr. Monsalve

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